Beings of Lara

Today I bring you a connection with the Light Beings from Lara to help relieve the mental anxiety and stress that is occurring.

This guidance from the Ascended Masters and the Light Beings of Lara, is about reclaiming the mind to stop the sense of being out of control or losing your mind or falling into a sense of failure or depression that nothing is working out for you.

The truth is the opposite – all is working out for you. Stay away from the old fear reality of the past, for it no longer serves you. You are now moving into the higher dimensions of living and fulfilment, purpose, and Love, for your happiness is now.

With happiness, love, and wellness. And a blessing from the great Constellation from Lara, the beings that will radiate the light frequency. Ten of them are willing to work with you and your guides to support you through this time with your radiant light body.

With your causal Chakra activated divine blueprint re-installed with Master Vosloo and Lady Lakshmi on the 9th Ray abundance fills your experience.

On the Crown Chakra, Master Lord Lanto and Lady Amatarasu, on the 2nd Ray, balances the physical mind to receive happiness.

Begin with the channeled message followed by the connection & meditation.

Love & Blessings

‘I create peacefulness in my mind, and my body reflects this peacefulness as perfect health

Channelled Message (audio)

Guided Connection and Meditation (audio)