Lady Amaterasu

​Ray:                      2nd Ray

Colours:               Yellow, Orange

Affirmation:        I am healing the emotional body.

From:                   Atlantis – Lemuria – Japan

History:               Lady Amaterasu or Amaterasu-ōmikami to use her Japanese name, is the great and glorious goddess of the sun. An embodiment of the rising sun and Japan itself, she is the queen of the kami and ruler of the universe. The Japanese Imperial Family claims to have descended from her, and this is what gives them the divine right to rule Japan.

She is the centre of Shinto and Japanese spiritual life. Amaterasu can be translated as ‘shines from heaven’.

Spirituality:                    Lady Amaterasu in her radiant light heals the emotions that suppress energy, that we pick up not only from ourselves but humanity.

Call on her to shift heavy emotional suffering from the light of your heart. You will feel instantly uplifted by requesting her to work with you in your emotional field.

The Painting:                 Her painting shows Amaterasu with her hands in prayer bringing direct guidance from heaven and source. Shining the rays through and around you.

Behind her is the Shinto gateway of light and inner peace.


An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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