Lord Lanto

Ray:                  2nd Ray

Colours:           Yellow

Affirmation:    I am wisdom and humanity now

From:                China

History:         Lord Lanto is best known in his embodiment as an ancient Chinese master who lived about 400 B.C. He is said to have accomplished more than any other master of earth. He developed the light in his heart to such a degree that it shone like a golden sun through his flesh.

Spirituality:        Lord Lanto is Chohan of the 2nd Ray and is helping those on the 2nd Ray as well as all humanity to open up the higher mind to understand the wisdom from the Universe and to give great peace and guidance with his knowledge.

He loves to teach and give answers to help you move forward and to let you understand.

By opening up the higher mind and reaching into the Universe, it will give you a clear vision with non-judgement towards others. Giving and receiving through Love.

To set yourself free like a bird emerging from the gilded cage and into the Universe with guidance and support.

The Painting:    The painting of Lord Lanto shows him with his bright yellow light emerging from the temple, showing you the opening of the higher mind. In his heart centre you see the flower of life. The birds show self-freedom attainable through connecting to his heart centre.

Lord Lanto

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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