Grounding Yourself, or what is sometimes called Earthing, is when you bring yourself back to your fully present situation and connect with the Earth to allow any negative energy to flow out of your body.

Whilst there may be only a small handful of scientific studies done, early results have shown that earthing or grounding, may relieve inflammation and reduce blood thickness, thereby helping with your cardiovascular system.

But mostly, just from doing this practice, you will find that it calms you, releases stress & worry and makes you feel better!

‘By clearing your mind and releasing negative energy, you become focused and clear’

How do I ground myself?

The best way is to step outside, find some grass or dirt, take your shoes off and stand on the soil or grass. You can walk slowly as well. If you want too, kneel, and put both your hands and feet on the Earth.

If you cannot go outside, then instead, stand with your feet slightly apart. Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breathes. Imagine a white light trickling down from above your head, flowing through your body and right through your feet and into Mother Earth. Breathe slowly and gently, and ‘release’ any tension or anxiety. Allow your ‘negative energy’ to flow out into Mother Earth to be discharged.

You can also do some movement or exercise as a way to clear your mind and bring you back into the present.

Simple go for a walk, jog or run or do a few minutes of Yoga or Tai-Chi.
Doing Yoga, Tai-Chi or walking, while barefoot on grass is even better!

You may also like to use a Grounding Aura Spray.


Lady Gaia
Glenn Lewis Psychic Reading

What a Treat!

“Glenn is just fabulous.

What a treat! Such a beautiful, calm and peaceful setting and a lovely meditation and healing session.

I will definitely be back. Thanks so much for a transformational journey.”   – Jo

Life changing!

Life changing! I can’t recommend Ascension Healing highly enough!

It was an incredibly blissful and evolutionary experience and I will definitely be back again!

– Stephen

So Grateful

The ease at how the session was flowing, the information, insights provided by and through Glen, is life changing. Glen gave me practical advice to use on my path moving forward.

I am very grateful for Glen and the beautiful special place that has been created.

Thank you so much!
– Elisabeth

Gives Light

“If you are in the dark of the tunnel and it feels like no light is in sight…know that Glenn will be at the end of that tunnel with a light that will get brighter and things will get lighter.”

Many thanks and blessings
– Sharie