Psychic Readings and Healings


Frequently Asked Questions

What days are available for readings?

Glenn works Tuesday to Friday from 10am.
For those of you who cannot make a mid-week appointment, there are a few Saturday’s made available during the year. 

Is this a Psychic reading?

Glenn offers psychic readings and healings. His readings are different than most psychic readings as Glenn connects more with guides and spiritual Masters to bring through enlightenment around your life and purpose.

Can my partner/friend and I have a reading together?

You can travel together but it in most instances it is best to have a 1-hour reading each. So you both get the best experience and it allows time for the connection and messages.

Should I book the 1-hour or 2-hour option?

Trust your instincts to know which is right for you. If it is your first time I recommend the longer Ascension Healing for 2-hours as this is more in-depth to cover as much as possible. Future readings can then be the shorter one if you prefer.

I want a reading this week but your online booking calendar isn't showing any dates?

All available appointments are showing on the online calendar, this is because Glenn is booked up in advance. Change the dates into the future weeks and you will see times become available.

I am overseas can I have an online reading?

Yes of course. Please note when booking that appointment times are in New Zealand time.

I don't use Skype, can I connect some other way?

At this stage online readings are held via Skype. It is free to join. 

Can I book and pay later?

We do require payment at time of booking online to faciliate some form of guarantee and to make payments easier. You can cancel and get a refund at anytime.

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All booking times are
New Zealand time.

In person readings are at
181A Muriwai Valley Road, Muriwai, Auckland

Online readings are held via SKYPE.

Psychic Readings and Healings