The Masters Retreats

Welcome to The Masters Retreats

The Ascended Masters offer you their retreats which you can visit to connect with them and receive their teachings. The Masters Retreats are located all around our planet, some on Earth and some sit in the outer layers of our planet. Here I am pleased to present you some of the Ascended Masters and their Retreats, so you can choose to visit them.

How to visit the Masters at their Retreats

The best way to journey to these etheric retreats is while your body sleeps at night. Leaving your physical body and the bounds of earth, travelling with or without consciousness or remembrance of your journey.

The Masters have told me that sometimes the only barrier to our attending the retreats is a lack of the sense of self-worth. Like the prodigal son or daughter we have been away so long that we hesitate at the threshold. will I be welcomed after all this time?

Of course you will. Remember that God dwells within you and that God and you are worthy to attend the retreats.

All it takes is for you to ask and to prepare.

The most important requirement is simply to ask to be taken by Archangel Michael to the retreat nearest to you or the retreat of your choice.

Here is a prayer you can use before you go to sleep to ask to be taken to the retreats.

“To the source of love and light, mother, father, God, into thy hands I commend my spirit. Mighty I am presence and the holy Mahatma self, I call to Archangel Michael to protect me with the golden ascension crystal diamond of light. To surround me, above me, below me and around me. I ask you to transport me, my soul, clothed in my finer bodies to the retreat of the ascended master  <insert name of Ascended Master >  at < his / her > retreat this night. When I Awake I will remember their teachings in my life and embody them in me with love.”

Then rest, allow yourself to drift off to sleep and open your heart to your journey.

Love & Blessings

Mother Mary

Ray: 3rd
Flame: Rose Pink
Retreat: The Cathedral Rose Temple of pure Love and Nurturing and prayer power of our lady shining over Lourdes in France.
Receive: Pure Love on all levels, with nurturing for the Soul, and prayers and blessings for the connection with Mother, Father, God.

El Morya

El Morya

Ray: 1st
Flame: Royal Blue
Retreat: The temples of Goodwill at Darjeeling India in the foothills of the Himalaya’s.
Receive: Good will to all mankind, teaching spiritual growth and giving you the courage to spiritual leadership

Lord Lanto

Ray: 2nd
Flame: Yellow
Retreat: The temple of deep wisdom at Grand Teton Mountain, Wyoming, USA.
Receive: Wisdom from the time Earth was created and integrated knowledge for Self and others.

Paul Venetian

Paul Venetian

Ray: 3rd
Flame: Rose Pink
Retreat: The Temple of all Fine Arts at Chateau De Liberte, a French Castle on the River Rhine.
Receive: Opening Heart Chakra for full development of the arts, understanding colour and vibration.

Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey

Ray: 4th
Flame: White
Retreat: The Temple of Purification, Luxor, Egypt.
Receive: Deep purification through physical body, soul, spirit and higher self.



Ray: 5th
Flame: Warm Yellow
Retreat: The Temple of Truth, located in the etheric realm over Crete.
Receive: Higher understanding of bringing Truth into your life and others with power of the light of knowledge. With new insights to all healing from the ancient world to the new time.

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

Ray: 6th
Flame: Ruby Red
Retreat: The Temple of Magical Divine Feminine above Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris.
Receive: Honouring yourself for the service of humanity with the teaching of compassion and devotion to all Life.

Lady Nada

Ray: 7th
Flame: Violet Pink
Retreat: The Rose Temple is located above New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.
Receive: Receive your twin flames energy of deep Love for your physical and spiritual growth.

Lord Maha Cohan

Ray: 8th
Flame: Gold
Retreat: The Temple of Comfort located over Sri Lanka.
Receive: Cleansing from deep Karmic issues to free you to move through your life with ease, bringing prayers of comfort.

Master Vosloo

Ray: 9th
Flame: Golden White
Retreat: The Temple of Abundance, above Easter Island.
Receive: Understanding of where Joy is in your life, so you receive abundance and prosperity. Feel Joy in your Life Today.

Lord Gautama Buddha

Lord Gautama

Ray: 10th
Flame: Orange
Retreat: The Shambhala temple of mythical Kingdom, Gobi Desert, Mongolia/China.
Receive: The mystical arts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. To open and receive the light of development.

Master Rakozci

Master Rakoczi

Ray: 11th
Flame: Green Blue
Retreat: His mansion and temple of Maltese Cross is in Transylvania (now Romania). It holds the enshrined records of past civilizations and blueprints for a golden age to come.
Receive: Receive blueprints of Akashic Records and knowledge of past civilizations.

Quan Yin

Ray: 12th
Flame: Pink Red
Retreat: The Temple of Mercy situated in the foothills above Beijing, China.
Receive: Divine balance in the physical body, spirit, soul, and higher self. Create alignment through the 144 strands of DNA cleansing away suppression into divine mercy.

Commander Ashtar

Ray: 13th
Flame: Silver
Retreat: Mother ship over the Atlantic Ocean to align with universal brotherhood.
Receive: Connection to the Universe, to other lifetimes had on other planets. Connect to the brotherhood of guides and guardians that work with you.