Psychic Readings in Auckland

Psychic Readings – Deep Healing – Release Past Lives – Connect with Spirit Masters

Due to Covid-19, all face to face readings in New Zealand are suspended.

Skype readings are still available. Refer readings page for a booking.

Glenn Lewis offers Psychic readings in Auckland. As a Medium, Healer and Spiritual Artist Glenn offers psychic readings in person and online.

Psychic Readings and Healings

Along with connecting you to your guides, guardians and loved ones, he also works strongly with the Ascended Masters. They are connecting strongly with our planet and here to help guide us into a higher understanding and to move into our heart with Love, connecting us to our true purpose.

psychic readings in Auckland with Glenn Lewis

About Glenn

Ever since he was young, Glenn has been able to see and talk to Spirit Guides. So now he works with the Ascended Masters bringing spiritual messages and guidance to release past life connections, heal and release things that have happen to us in this life and clear mind-body blockages.

During your spiritual healing or reading, Glenn receives guidance from your spirit guides and then brings in the Ascended Masters to help you release any pain, hurt, suffering from emotional and past life issues.

Meet the Ascended Masters

Although there are many Masters working with us to help us to ascend and develop our awareness of Peace, Love and Truth, 13 of the Ascended Masters are holders or Cohan’s of the Ascended Master Rays. So each of the rays has an energy which also holds a vibration and a colour. Each of us is born under a certain ray as part of our life purpose. The 13 Ray Masters began working with us in Atlantis. Each of us has a Soul Purpose that we have chosen as our life path.

Book a reading

Glenn conducts his psychic readings at the ‘temple’ at his home, a wonderful and peaceful 5 acre property in Muriwai, West Auckland which has been named Ascension Gardens. Glenn can also offer you an online spiritual reading or healing via Skype.

Are you seeking a psychic reading to understand your current predicament? Do you feel blocked? Want to know how you can be healthier, happier and more at peace?

Glenn offers different spiritual healing options to suit anyone who is seeking a better understanding or deep healing to resolve past issues.

To view the readings and healing on offer or to book online for an appointment, visit our Readings & Healing Page here.


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We look forward to welcoming you to Ascension Healing

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