We’re pleased to bring you the Ascension Healing Shop with tools to assist you in your spiritual journey.

Ascended Master Prints
Glenn paints the Ascended Masters to bring their connection to him stronger. Now you can enjoy a connection with the Ascended Masters bringing their Love and Healing into your home.
All of Glenn’s paintings are available as canvas art prints. The original paintings are lovingly copied onto stretch canvas replicating and giving you an original look and feel. Place the portal painting in your home, office, healing or meditation space to enhance your connection with the spiritual masters.

White Sage
Pure white Californian sage is one of the purest sage products available. White sage clears away negativity and is now available in an amazing easy to use incense cone. Simply place a cone in a bowl or suitable surface, light and allow the healing, cleansing smoke to purify away negative energy.

Aura Sprays
A wonderful tool for connecting and healing, these Aura Sprays help you to focus and work on your healing, heart opening and connection with the Ascended Masters.

Perfect for meditation and throughout your day to stay connected.

Meditation Courses
Enjoy a deep healing with our 6-week guided Meditation courses connecting you with the Ascended Masters.
Let there be Light Meditation Course

We hope you enjoy these ‘made for you’ items.