Ray:                     2nd Ray

Colours:             Gold, Red, White and Pink

Affirmation:     I am the Sacred Heart of Humanity.

From:                 Atlantis, Bethlehem

History:             Master Jesus was a great overseer during Atlantis and held the power of resurrection for those of sickness and near death. His return to earth as the son of God through Mother Mary & Joseph was at a time when great healing was needed due to great suffering. He became a great teacher of God’s word and laws with love, guidance and healing. He helped many of those who were suffering to become enlightened.

Spirituality:     A world Teacher bringing through the Christ light of purity, Love and healing to all those who are seeking the divine guidance of Jesus, linking to our creator. Master Jesus has shifted his vibration to the 2nd Ray working now with Lord Lanto to open the mind of the human consciousness to receive the depth of Love from the sacred heart from our creator, into our being.

He also works towards the resurrection for all with Beloved St. John of God and with Mary Magdalene his twin flame, who is the Cohen of the 6th Ray, working together with service, devotion and compassion. This allows us to lift our vibration, feel, receive and believe that loving guidance is truly there for all life forms on our planet.

With the coming of the Golden Age on our planet, Master Jesus wants all those who have suffered around Love to have awareness for the passion for Love in their life and to live free from worry, pain and fear that reside in our physical form. Ask Master Jesus to bring in realignment of your trinity – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Painting:    The first painting done by Glenn of the Master’s by Glenn, Master Jesus is standing in front of the Cathedral of Light from the creator with the Holy Spirit above his head.

The rose of compassion is shown in his 3rd eye, emanating from his hands is the healing flame of the resurrection and at his heart centre is the cross to clear suffering. At his feet is a large rose quartz emerging two beautiful roses, red and purple, for the passion of life and unconditional Love.

Master Jesus

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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