Saint John of God

Ray:                   2nd Ray

Colours:           Gold – Yellow

Affirmation:     I am humanity

From:               Israel

History:           Saint John of God was one of the disciples with Jesus, a unique witness to both the life of Christ and the earliest Church.

Along with his brother, St James, the sons of Zebedee who were also known as the Sons of Thunder, they were among Our Lord’s first apostles, being called immediately after Saint’s Andrew and Peter. He was witness to many of Jesus’ miracles. St. John was the only apostle present at the foot of the cross during the crucifixion, and it was St John that Our Lord entrusted his blessed Mother.

Spirituality:        Beloved Saint John of God has come to help humanity heal and to draw Christ consciousness into the body, to lift one-self into the ultimate light force that surrounds us all.

St John of God is a 2nd Ray Master with Master Jesus and is also currently working on the 5th Ray with Master Hilarion and Archangel Raphael, working closely to eradicate any disconnection or dis-belief in one’s true self.

Just receive the blessings and all will be yours.

Golden Quartz crystal will amplify the Christ consciousness and healing in the body. Ask, believe and receive.

Burn Lemon oil around you, this will clear and purify your home and personal space for physic connection with the Christ energy.

The Painting:        Painted in 2010, St John of God brings through healing to all those who sit with him. He is connected to the Christ Energy and brings through healing rays direct from the Source.

Sit with St John when meditating and feel the Christ consciousness or to ask for healing in any part of your physical or emotional self.

Saint John of God

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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