Lady Nada & Saint Germaine

Ray:                   7th Ray

Colours:            Violet, Pink and Gold & Silver

Crystal:             Amethyst.
Ask the Deva’s to activate the codes of Atlantis with Lady Nada & St. Germaine

Affirmation:     I am integration of my twin flame

From:                Atlantis

History:            Lady Nada & Saint Germaine had a great love together in Atlantis. Saint Germain and Lady Nada were Priest & Priestess of the Amethyst Temple of the 7th Ray. There they taught to release Karma to do with blocks that are held in the consciousness.

Saint Germaine was a great alchemist and worked to heal the cellular memory while Lady Nada, a great teacher of the heart, worked to develop the 3rd eye.

In Atlantis they held so much Love and awareness for themselves through every ceremony, helping the spiritual development of humanity with the ascension light.

Spirituality:         They work together for us all in this day and age as Lady Nada is the Cohan of the 7th Ray, but her beloved Saint Germaine is always working with her with his alchemy and knowledge to release the past through the cellular memory into the 3rd eye to the mighty I am presence.

They have also bought forward the Gold & Silver Violet Flame to cleanse and purify the heavy burdens from the past lives, and the dross that has built up in the aura in this life. They are willing to work with you now to do this. They will balance the female and male bodies in your physical body. Lady Nada will come forth on your left hand side and Saint Germaine on your right hand side and bring forth the Gold & Silver Violet Flame down from Mother and Father God.

They will heal problems that you have to do with your relationship with yourself or another. They will harmonize and help you to remove the seven veils of disillusion and bring the awareness into clarity and release.

The Painting:       The painting of them standing side by side, looking towards you, equals as male and female. They hold their hands towards the world with the Gold & Silver, Violet Flame. The butterflies represent the 7 veils of disillusion for release. At the top is the amethyst temple in Atlantis. The 6 pointed star represents self-mastery and the sound Om for opening consciousness with the mind.

Lady Nada & Saint Germaine

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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