Lady Nada

Ray:                  7th Ray

Colours:           Violet – Pink

Affirmation:    I am self-transformation

From:               India – Atlantis

History:           Lady Nada was a high priestess working in the temple of self-transformation. She had great knowledge and understanding of the physical karma that affected the spirit and soul through the higher self that needed to be cleared.

She learnt many techniques of healing such as sound, colour, hands on, manifestation and working with crystal’s and essential oils, herbs and counselling techniques, to heal the whole body.

She taught this to the Priest’s and Priestesses of Atlantis that worked with her to heal the population that came to the temple. In the alter Lady Nada installed the Violet Flame of self-transformation for all.

Lady Nada’s next life was in India where early on as a young girl her gifts came through extraordinary and people were drawn to her she taught as a female guru working in this life time with yoga to help clear energy blocks in the body and working with food groups that can cleanse the body and restore balance

Spirituality:         Lady Nada is Cohan of the 7th Ray since 2012 and is also on the Karmic Board. She is working strongly with the Violet Flame and her heart centre of unconditional Love to help all humanity move through the dross that is created through life times.

She brings through to those who choose to work with her knowledge of transformation and healing in all forms. She is gentle and kind but has a very strong focus with strength and empowerment within her.

The Painting:      Painted in 2009, this painting shows Lady Nada standing in the doorway of unconditional Love surrounded by Citrine Quartz crystals. With the World above her head showing the higher mind working in the Ascension process for all of humanity. She is standing on a Lotus of Violet Flame.

Beside her are a boy and girl representing all cultures, holding the pink lotus of unconditional Love for humanity and children of our world that are Indigo, Crystalline and Rainbow children coming through now from Atlantis.

She is holding in her hands the Pink Flame of unconditional Love and in her heart centre is the world surrounded by the Violet Flame of transmutation of all thoughts, feelings within the heart recognizing that the world is not just around us but is within us.

Lady Nada

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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