Edgar Cayce Art Print


An Edgar Cayce portal to his amazing gift of healing.


The Edgar Cayce Art Print shows his connection to the gateway of the all-seeing light of source, into the Universe, through time, space and multiple dimensions.
It acts as a portal to his amazing gift of healing.

Hang your own Edgar Cayce Art Print of the digitally mastered copy of the original painting.

Supplied on stretched 100 gsm canvas over a wooden frame, the art print offers a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with the Ascended Master energy.
The Art Prints are available in two sizes – Small: 330 mm (height) x 280 mm (width) OR Large: 700 mm (height) x 550 mm (width).
Available for delivery anywhere in New Zealand. Delivery time is approx. 10 days
For International orders, please contact us for a freight quote before ordering.

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Weight3.0 kg


Canvas Print

Canvas print from original artwork, printed on 100 gsm canvas stretched over a wood frame. Painting image covers full front of canvas. White Border (sides). Shrink wrapped and bubble wrapped and delivered direct to your door.