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I am Nourishment. Working with the Divine Mothers to help soften the world to bring compassion, Love and awareness to all. Aroha brings nourishment through food, water, air and fire into your life. This brings harmony and balance to one’s self.


Aroha, purifying those who have opened themselves up to spiritual growth, nourishing the body will also nourish the spirit and soul, for more Love and fulfillment. Bless your food as it enters your body, feel your food moving through to your cells and your 12 strands of DNA. Drink water to flush the body and to give clarity to the life force that resides within you.

Aroha is working on the 5th Ray with Master Hilarion and all those who reside on the 5th Ray. Heal and be mindful of your being in order to radiate personal purity for spirit, Now.

These art prints are digitally mastered copies of the original oil paintings.
Available on stretched 100 gsm canvas over a wooden frame, the art print offers a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with the Ascended Master energy.
Available in two sizes – Small: 330mm (height) x 280mm (width) or Large: 700mm (height) x 550mm (width).
Available for delivery anywhere in New Zealand. Delivery time is approx. 10 days.
For International orders, please contact us for a freight quote before ordering.

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