Today I am in joy to bring you details about the Star Constellation of Lara.

Beings of Lara

A few weeks ago, I was asking the Ascended Masters for help with my own evolution and to give me more help for those coming to me for readings and healing. One day an amazing portal of light opened before me with a radiant bright shimmering light, like the sun, and 10 beings appeared in a circle around me, touching my heart. They told me they are here to support and help in every way possible, for our happiness and wellness of Love from Source. This is what the beings told me…

“We come through a portal of Venus and are beings from the star constellation of Lara. We are thousands of years ahead of Earth’s evolution and we come to work with your guides to support you and hold the feeling of happiness, wellness, and Love in every moment so that you can re-programme your extraordinary life. We will not interfere with your free will, only enhance the positive in your experience. There are teams of 10 willing to work with everyone who asks for us. It is given automatically with respect and gratitude to humanity.”

They are tall light beings and are all female, shimmering with light, as they deflect the darkness out of our experience. They are re-programmers of the higher consciousness. They said to me, that they are projected holograms from where their actual beings are, in temples of ten, on Lara.

I recall they told me that they have come to Earth from the Star Constellation of Lara, as they felt there was a lot of fear coming from our human form, making us all feel anxiety and fear and believing that we were failing and that there was too much to bear. They want us to know that we are on the path to light, and this is all healing that we are going through and releasing. All we need to do is remain in the positive with constant affirmations to ourselves that we ‘are ok and everything is alright’.

You can call on the Beings from the Star Constellation of Lara to help you now. Just ask for them to come to you and help and they will.
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Love & Blessings