Rudolf Steiner

Ray:                  7th Ray

Colours:           Gold and Royal Purple

Affirmation:   I am Education

From:                Austria

History:            Rudolf Steiner describes how he was able to see into another world since his childhood. He explained that “not only external trees or external mountains to speak to the human soul, but also the Beings that live behind them”

His knowledge was immense and crossed many fields, eventually leading to the Steiner Schools that are now throughout the world. He created a platform to explore the spiritual mind to increase knowledge and understanding. Bringing forth gifts of creativity and insight into one’s Life. To nurture and discover the Universe within.

Spirituality:        Rudolf Steiner had unique gifts with clairvoyance to see into others what was needed for them. He could sense clairsentience. He bought this through these gifts to help the children of our world. As he had done in the crystalline schools in Atlantis and Egypt, where he was a high initiator in the library of Alexandra, bringing the light of information to those who sought the Ascension Knowledge.

He is now working as a Lord of Education in the Ascended Masters retreats around the world, focusing n the souls’ evolution and expansion in the embodiment of receiving their gifts.

The Painting:      His painting shows his powerful mind expanding with peace of the sacred text of OM. Holding the book of Light expanding from and around him. The key of Sanctuary, the Ankh, with the diamond portal opening for higher education.

Rudolf Steiner

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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