Paul Venetian

Ray:                3rd Ray

Colours:         Pink

Affirmation:   I am Love, Creativity and active Intelligence

From:             Italy / Egypt / Atlantis

History:          In Atlantis Paul Venetian worked in the great Rose Quartz Temple of unconditional Love bringing through the Pink Flame.

He helped people to express themselves through the energy that the temple held with the consciousness of Love through every level and every cell and the 12 DNA in the body resonating with the vibration of unconditional love for self and others.

He taught to the Priest’s and Priestesses of the temple that thoughts and words that come from the loving consciousness must have high integrity to live a passionate life for fulfilment. Meditation and prayer to the divine will bring through the purity that is needed.

In Egypt he helped build the Great Pyramids, working as an architect working with the lines of love through the creativity connected to the divine which continues today drawing people to the pyramids to connect to this divine source.

His next lifetime, that he is named after was in Venice, Italy where he worked in this golden time with colour, developing new techniques of artistry of painting beautiful biblical scenes of spiritual teachers that are still there today that you may visit.

Spirituality:        Master Paul Venetian is Cohan of the 3rd Ray. He is helping, through the use of the Pink Flame to bring you divine Mother and divine Father’s pure love from source, fulfilling our being, radiating love as the divine essence for all human and animal life on the planet.

He especially works with healing the self. healing the reflection of self and seeing the truth with love.

He works closely with those involved in music, art, writing, acting and singing, working with the Rose Quartz energy to help those who are truly sensitive in the arts with expression. He brings through true qualities of Love and inner guidance with integrity.

For anyone who is clairsentient he will bring them clear guidance and support.

The Painting:     Paul Venetian comes through the doorway of Love looking directly into your heart centre, allowing his own to radiate Love unconditionally into your being. He holds in his hand the Pink Flame with the rainbow paintbrush.

Paul Venetian

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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