Ray:                            3rd Ray

Colours:                    Green – Gold

Affirmation:             I am alignment with God’s Peace

From:                         Middle East

History:                     Master Muhammad was reincarnated from the alignment of Mother, Father, Gods Love. He came to reconnect humanity to the faith with Islam and the arts to remind us through the ceremonial honoring of our worthiness and connection through prayer with the creator and pure Love.

Spirituality:             Call on Muhammad to connect you with alignment with God’s Peace and Love. Muhammad is a gentle and powerful presence filled with knowledge of God.

This can move you forward helping you to hear God communing with you. Muhammad says, the more peaceful you are, the more loving you become.

The Painting:         This painting shows Muhammad in his glorious and beautiful image to open you to the knowing.  As you look at him, you are looking at the world of all people.

The painting shows the alignment flowing straight through from source and automatically focusing your alignment with his. His finger points to the word of God. Love.

Painting of Muhammad

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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