Master Moses

Ray:                      1st Ray

Colours:              Royal Blue

Affirmation:      I am divine will of God

From:                 Atlantis – Egypt – Israel

History:             Master Moses is a divine communicator, channel, and automatic writer. He channeled the divine will of God and the plan of light for humanity. The Galactic Counsel and the universal hierarchy communes the information through Moses.

In Atlantis in the diamond Temple of the multi-faceted gateways he bought the ultimate gift of our free will with the divine plan. Moses helps each lightworker to step into the leadership of Light that is requested from the divine of God.

Master Moses set the Israelites free into the new promised land, removing slavery and suppression to unite each being to the ultimate gifts that we contribute to humanity. The ten commandments guide us to live in the law of one and light.

He is known as the creator of Jewish religious rights (laws) and the sacred mystical knowledge with Love.

Spirituality:          Ask Moses to awaken your leadership skills to step up into the divine plan that was placed before you entered this life. Moses’ guiding hand allows you to feel strength and support.

He encourages a positive outcome when diversity faces you.

The Painting:      His portrait connects you with the portal of the six-pointed star of David automatically clearing any prosecution around lifetimes with Judaism. The staff of health aligns your Chakra system and wellness illuminating your physical form.

He holds the Ten Commandments of God’s Love to the diving will of your leadership.

Master Moses

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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