Lord Ganesha (Ganesh)

Ray:                   9th Ray

Colours:           Gold, Orange and Yellow

Affirmation:    I am removal of obstacles

From:               Atlantis – India

History:          Ganesha (also known as Ganesa or Ganapati) is one of
the most important gods in Hinduism.

Easily recognized with his elephant head and human body, representing the soul (atman) and the physical (maya), Lord Ganesha is the patron of writers, travelers, and commerce, and he removes obstacles blocking new projects.

Born the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, the story states that Parvati got her son to guard the door while she bathed. His father, Shiva, came home and refused to let him enter. Outraged Shiva set a gang upon Ganesha and in the battle his head was cut off.

His Mother was devastated and ordered a new head be found and the first animal they came across was an Elephant, thus Ganesha came to have the head of an Elephant.

Spirituality:      Lord Ganesha, when embodied in Atlantis, used his wand of crystal light to dissolve negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences from peoples sub-conscious and consciousness, so their future would be bright, happy, and successful. Flowing this through the dimensions through the Universe for the golden age of Atlantis.

He works with Lakshmi, bringing prosperity and abundance, as he removes obstacles, so you can achieve happiness and success.

The Painting:     Lord Ganesha wanted me to show you that he is back in wholeness of his body, smiling with such happiness and joy. His friend, the elephant, is also back in his body.

Together they are working to help you feel uplifted and happy.
He hands you the ‘Om’ flame of Peace. In the other hand is his golden crystal wand, dissolving the obstacles.

Master Confucius

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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