Lady Vicky Wall

Ray:                   2nd Ray

Colours:            Rainbow

Affirmation:     I am the Healer of the Clairsentient
and Sensitive Bodies

From:                England – Lemuria – Egypt – Babylon – Atlantis

History:            Growing up in England, Vicky’s father walked with her in the fields around their London home, asking her what plant would be good for this or that ailment.

As she grew up, Vicky learnt to recognize the art or science called ‘the signatures of plants’ for well-being. She trained as an apothecary (Pharmacist), during the Second World War, learning to make creams and lotions using herbs and plant extracts.

As she grew older Vicky got diabetes, and lost her sight, yet she retained her 2nd sight of auras. 

Spirituality:      After losing her sight to Diabetes, Vicky had a dream where she was told to ‘Divide the water’. She was guided to her workshop where in the night ‘unseen hands guided her’ to make up some colourful mixtures of plant extracts, oils, and waters. 

Painting:        Lady Vicky Wall is shown in the gateway of the cosmic rays of source, bringing the orbs of inspiration from Spirit to the higher realms of creation from nurture and nature into our realty. To heal us with colour on all levels.


An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©