Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Ray:                               7th Ray

Colours:                        Violet – Gold – Pink – Blue

Affirmation:               I am divine messenger of Mastery

From:                            Atlantis – America

History:                        Elizabeth Clare Prophet (1939-2009) was an author, teacher, messenger, who like her husband, Mark L. Prophet, stated that her calling was to be a prophet of God, or one who delivers the Word of God.

During her mission and ministry, she taught on a wide variety of spiritual subjects: angels and archangels, karma and reincarnation, healing and wholeness, soul mates, twin flames and relationships, and practical spirituality, to name just a few.

Her great desire was to share a spiritual path that would take true seekers, in the tradition of the masters of the Far East, as far as they could go and needed to go to meet their true teachers, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and their own Higher Self, face-to-face.

Spirituality:                Along with her husband, Elizabeth founded their organization the Summit Lighthouse, whose mission was to publish the periodical teachings they received from the ascended masters.

The basic spiritual practice taught by Prophet was “decreeing” in which disciples vocalized dynamic affirmations that included the biblical name of God, “I Am”.

She had a deep connection from a past life in Atlantis with St Germaine bringing forth the Violet Flame in this reincarnation for humanity and the world.

The Painting:            Standing in the golden gateway of Shambhala, above her head is the portal of the Higher Self. Her right hand is holding the Gold & Silver, Violet Flame. While her left hand directing the teachings and wisdom of Mastery, being revealed.

Please enjoy this video of Ascended Master Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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