Edgar Cayce

Ray:                 8th Ray

Colours:          Green

Affirmation:  I am Healing the past for the future

From:             Atlantis – United States of America

History:         Edgar Cayce is well known as the ‘sleeping prophet’. Having psychic abilities since a child, in his early days he was able to  memorize the pages of a book by sleeping on it. A dedicated churchgoer, Edgar read the bible every year of his life.

He began helping people by laying down and going into a meditative state. In this state he said he was able to connect with the Universal consciousness to answer their questions. Health, fortune, past lives, it all came out in the over 14,000 readings he did.

Spirituality:       Master Edgar Cayce had an amazing gift of healing.

Through his psychic visions and readings, he helped clear past lives and dissolve Karmic patterns of pain and suffering.

He has written many books about his past lives. The original blueprint of him in Atlantis as a High Priest, dissolving Karma. And, Egypt, awakening people to their true soul mission.

The Painting:       The portal (painting) of Edgar Cayce shows his connection to the gateway of the all-seeing light of source, into the Universe, through time, space and multiple dimensions.

The staff of healing of the seraphim, the eye of Horus and the youthfulness of Lord Edgar Cayce awakens the healing and the healer within. To see the Truth of self-health.

Edgar Casey

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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