Archangel Michael

Ray:                1st Ray

Colours:         Blue – Violet

Affirmation:   I am Protection

From:              Angelic Planets

History:          The first Angel created by God, Michael is the leader of all the Archangels and is in charge of protection, courage, strength, truth and integrity.

Archangel Michael which means “Who is like God” is from a planetary system further into the Universe where there are 12 planets aligned; each of them is linked to the archangels. This is the angelic Universe.

Spirituality:      Archangel Michael can be found in all religious texts, including the Kabbalah, the Bible and the Koran. He is the Guardian Angel of all protection and worked with Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.

He worked with them to protect them and to assist in bringing through the messages from source and to help them in mastering our planet.

Archangel Michael works on all 12 Rays but especially with Lady Nada, Cohan of the 7th Ray and the Violet Flame of self-transformation.

Michael’s colours of predominantly electric blue and violet are often seen as sparks of light. when he is around. Archangel Michael works constantly to bring protection to anyone who asks.

From 2012, Archangel Michael has been ordained by the Ascended Masters as divine protector of our planet and every being on the planet. As a multi-dimensional being he can work with everyone.

The Painting:    The painting of Archangel Michael shows him holding the sword of light with the blue flame for clearing and cleansing. He is holding the world close to his chest keeping us all safe and protected.

Standing over the Violet Flame of self-transformation his eyes are piercing with his knowledge, strength and faith.

In the middle of his third eye the Violet Flame flickers bringing forth true focus to one’s self. Wear his radiant gold to bring forth the Christ consciousness of divine Love.

Archangel Michael

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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