Maharishi Art Print


Maharishi Art Print.

Master Maharishi organized a movement to spread the teachings of Transcendental Meditation throughout the world



Maharishi Art Print shows the Transcendental Meditation master, who is reported to have trained more than 40,000 TM teachers, taught the technique to “more than five million people” and of course became famous when The Beatles and other celebrities connected with him and his training.

In the Maharishi art print, Master Maharishi is holding the world by his heart, in prayer. His gentle smile looking deeply into you, drawing consciousness to the surface. The circle portal surrounding him, of rainbow, helping the consciousness to expand.

These art prints are digitally mastered copies of the original oil paintings.
Supplied on stretched 100 gsm canvas over a wooden frame, the art print offers a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with the Ascended Master energy.
The Prints are available in two sizes – Small: 330mm (height) x 280mm (width) or Large: 700mm (height) x 550mm (width).
Available for delivery anywhere in New Zealand. Delivery time is approx. 10 days
For International orders, please contact us for a freight quote before ordering.

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