Lady Lakshmi Art Print


Lady Lakshmi is the resplendent goddess of wealth and prosperity who provides the beings with all kinds of material abundance. She is a protector as well as she bestows upon deserving people according to their past karma and degrees of devotion. She also protects from ill health and adversity.


Lady Lakshmi art print show the delightful Mahalakshmi, who is a form of Mother Goddess or Shakti. She is popularly known as Sri or Lakshmi and in the Master’s circles as Lady Lakshmi.

In the painting of Lakshmi she is standing on the Golden Lotus of eternal wealth for humanity. She has 9 diamond orbs that are activated from the causal Chakra that surrounds her. They spin around her from the 9 dimensions opening for wealth from source to flow through her. She stands in the golden gateway.

These art prints are digitally mastered copies of the original painting.
Available on stretched 100 gsm canvas over a wooden frame, the art print offers a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with the Ascended Master energy.
Available in two sizes – Small: 330mm (height) x 280mm (width) OR Large: 700mm (height) x 550mm (width).
Available for delivery anywhere in New Zealand. Delivery time is approx. 10 days.
For International orders, please contact us for a freight quote before ordering.

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