Welcome to Universal Year 7

Ascension to transcendence of higher consciousness

2023 and welcome to the Universal Year 7. The portal of the Gold & Silver Violet Flame is open for you, connecting throughout this year, with Saint Germaine and Lady Nada.

This transmission and channel from them will help you, to feel the clarification of your transcendence towards 2032.

This year brings you an opportunity to awaken more of your spiritual gifting, becoming more in balance with who you are, and learning to accept your manifestation.

The number 7 is the Spiritual number bringing a yearning to search, understand and connect with the Spiritual Knowledge that is ours to embody. This year is a chance to connect and open your Third Eye to dissolve the veils of disillusion enabling you to release life’s concerns.

It can also bring you new ways of healing both your physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Take this opportunity to learn to let go.

The Gold & Silver Violet Flame is available to help you, connect

Eternal Love and Blessings


A Channeled Message (audio)