Meditation Course Subscription

Our 6-week online Guided Meditation Courses are designed to elevate your spiritual awareness, healing and love consciousness.

Glenn holds these course in person at the Healing Studio in Muriwai, Auckland and then records them to make them available to a greater audience.

Many attendees repeat the course again online and others take the opportunity to do some integration with the Masters and deep healing.

Each 6-week course brings deep healing with one meditation being released to you each week. This gap is to allow your soul body to intergrate the work and to allow you to repeat the meditation if you wish a few times, before moving onto the next week’s meditation/healing.

Join now and enjoy this guided, channeled, meditation series.

Was $ 99 - now only $ 49 for 6 week course
Open your heart Meditation Course

Heart Frequency 2019

A guided Meditation Course. Originally held at Ascension Healing in 2019. A 6-week course of guided meditations will connect and open your heart for your spiritual advancement.
Only $ 49 for your 6-week guided Meditation Course
Let there be Light Meditation Course

Let There Be Light 2020

A guided Course of Meditation and Healing.

Through channeled Meditations this 6-week course will advance your Mastery here on Earth.