Gold Silver Violet Flame Aura Spray

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    The Gold & Silver, Violet Flame Aura Spray helps cleanse, purify the physical, soul & higher self. Helps reach Master-hood.
    Bring divine balance, harmony to self and planet.

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The Violet Flame transmutes and purifies. It transmutes the cause, effect, record and memory of all negative vibration held in chakras and cells across all dimensions and planes. Combined now with the Gold & Silver Flame combined with the source of Violet Flame brings the Mother & Father energy into the healing transformation.

These Aura Sprays were channeled to bring through the true essence of each Ascended Master, bringing a stronger, clearer connection.
Use the Gold & Silver, Violet Flame Aura Spray to cleanse, purify the physical, soul & higher self. Helps reach Master-hood.
Bring divine balance, harmony to self and planet.

120 ml spray bottle.
Contents: Pure essential oils, rain water and energy crystal.


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