Serapis Bey Aura Spray

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    ‘I am harmony through conflict with purity now’
    Connect with Serapis Bey by using this Aura Spray to assist those in turmoil to gain harmony.
    Bring divine balance, harmony to self and planet.

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Master Serapis Bey with the white flame of purity and harmony is helping us to clear conflict in our lives, so we may speak our truth and be clear and aware of each other’s vibration. He is the Master of the Ascension and is helping the Lords of Karma to create a light field over our planet

These Aura Sprays were channeled to bring through the true essence of each Ascended Master, bringing a stronger, clearer connection.
Connect with Serapis Bey by using this Aura Spray to assist those in turmoil to gain harmony.
Bring divine balance, harmony to self and planet.

120 ml spray bottle.
Contents: Pure essential oils, rain water and energy crystal.


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