Quan Yin Aura Spray

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    ‘I am empowering Male & Female bodies now’
    Connecting with Quan Yin by using this Aura Spray to bring divine balance & harmony for self and planet.
    Bring divine balance, harmony to self and planet.

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Quan Yin Aura Spray is from the Eastern version of Mother Mary. Quan Yin (Kwan Yin) is the Chohan of the 12th Ray teaching unconditional Love. She brings through the Divine Mother Energy to empower women and to balance feminine wisdom within men with the Yin & Yang.

These Aura Sprays were channeled to bring through the true essence of each Ascended Master, bringing a stronger, clearer connection.
Connecting with Quan Yin by using this Aura Spray to bring divine balance & harmony for self and planet.
Bring divine balance, harmony to self and planet.

120 ml spray bottle.
Contents: Pure essential oils, rain water and energy crystal.


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