Master Hilarion Aura Spray

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    ‘I am Truth and Knowledge now’
    Connect with Master Hilarion by using this Aura Spray to gain Truth, knowledge & healing for self and planet.
    Bring divine balance, harmony to self and planet.

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Master Hilarion is holder of the Green Flame and Cohan of the 5th Ray. He helps with the healing sciences, sacred geometry and above all – the divine Truth. Master Hilarion has begun working to stop the excessive over consumption and over farming of our planet. This must stop now and we must become conscious of what we consume, what we feel, what we acknowledge and
what we release.

These Aura Sprays were channeled to bring through the true essence of each Ascended Master, bringing a stronger, clearer connection.
Connect with Master Hilarion by using this Aura Spray to gain Truth, knowledge & healing for self and planet.
Bring divine balance, harmony to self and planet.

120 ml spray bottle.
Contents: Pure essential oils, rain water and energy crystal.


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