Lady Nada Aura Spray

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    ‘I am self-transformation now’
    Connect with Lady Nada by using this Aura Spray to heal unresolved and deep pain.
    Bring divine balance, harmony to self and planet.

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Lady Nada is Cohan of the 7th Ray, since 2012 and is also on the Karmic Board. Her Lady Nada Aura Spray is working strongly with the Violet Flame and her heart center of unconditional Love t help all humanity move through the dross that is created through life times. She brings through to those who choose to work with her knowledge of transformation and healing in all forms.
She is gentle and kind but has a very strong focus with strength and empowerment within her.

These Aura Sprays were channeled to bring through the true essence of each Ascended Master, bringing a stronger, clearer connection.
Connect with Lady Nada by using this Aura Spray to heal unresolved and deep pain.
Bring divine balance, harmony to self and planet.

120 ml spray bottle.
Contents: Pure essential oils, rain water and energy crystal.


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