Meditation Class

Let there be Light

Welcome 2020
– a 4 year.

Each week a guided Meditation to advance your Mastery
here on Earth.

A complete 6-week
Meditation programme.

PRICE $ 150
(for all 6 weeks)

Attend Wednesday 10.30 am OR Thursday 6.30 pm (sold out)

Course starts:
Wednesday 12th February / Thursday 12th February 2020 (sold out)


This course connects you with…

1st Week – Master Serapis & Lady White Tara. Be welcomed to the Ascension Temple of pure light pyramid in Egypt. Master Serapis will activate your star body with light celestial Angels. Lady White Tara will sing to open the new dimension paths to support your year ahead.

2nd Week – Lord Rudolph Steiner. Connect to the library of Alexandra and Egypt. Learn the principles of light ascension initiation and the rainbow flame of all rays, carrying universal wisdom into your mind here on Earth.

3rd Week – Lord Edgar Casey. Connect back to Atlantis into the crystalline light chamber. Edgar Casey will connect you to your souls’ mission here on Earth, clear & release pain from past lives and unresolved missions

4th Week – Master Moses. Receive the new laws of Gods presence in the golden age and awaken your divine will to carry you on your souls’ mission.

5th Week – Master Muhammad Listen to Muhammad and his divine Love and Peace mission for you and humanity. Activate the emerald diamond of peace in all areas of your life.

6th Week – Master Lady Nada & Saint Germaine. The Holy Sacrament of Alchemy – Gold & Silver Violet Flame of the Aquarian age. Receive and be opened to the higher frequencies from the 9th dimension.

I have attended Glenn’s guided meditation. Glenn brings such a tangible experience with the masters which are truly profound. I have received much healing during these along with such a depth of understanding, connection and purpose. Sara

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