Quan Yin

Ray:                  12th Ray (Master of)

Colours:           Pink, Red, Soft Blue/Green and White

Affirmation:     I am Compassion & Divine Mercy

From:               China

History:           The embodiment of Quan Yin (also spelled Kwan Yin, Kuanyin and  Guanyin) in China tells how she was born into a wealthy Family with a strict Father who expected her to marry a wealth Merchant, however she renounced this life wanting to become a Nun to help people.

She eventually left her Family behind as the only way to live her true life path.

She lived in a small house spending her time devoted to the practice of Buddhism.

Spirituality:       Kwan Yin is very much the Eastern version of Mother Mary. She is the Cohan of the 12th Ray teaching unconditional Love.

She brings through the Divine Mother Energy to empower women and to balance feminine wisdom within men with the Yin & Yang.

Kwan Yin currently sits on the Karmic Board.

The Painting:       The painting of Kwan Yin was one of the earlier paintings mastered by Glenn. It shows her sitting on the Lotus Leaf symbolizing purity, peace & harmony. She is wearing a pearl necklace for health and well-being. She holds the Sacred Vase.

Quan Yin

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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