Mother Mary

Ray:                        3rd Ray

Colours:                Pink and Blue

Affirmation:        I am Nurture

From:                    Israel

History:                Mother of Jesus, high priestess in the Temple of Love in Atlantis, Mother Mary developed the Lemurian Mastery School. She is also Mother to the Angels.

Spirituality:          Mother Mary is a teacher for the world helping bring through divine Mother Energy to re-empower women and bring back the divine Love for All.

The Painting:        One of Glenn’s earlier paintings, Mother Mary is shown holding the world rosary and the baby representing all cultures, faiths and religions. She is nurturing us all with Divine Love and Mercy.

The doves represent World Peace and the world above is ascending with Love. Above our planet is Archangel Chamuel holding the 3 flames of Love.

The painting is surrounded with Rose Quartz.

Mother Mary

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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