Master Mikao Usui

Ray:                               7th Ray

Colours:                       Blue, Purple, Violet, Lilac

Affirmation:               I am Universal flow of Healing

From:                           Atlantis – Lemuria – Japan

History:                       Master Mikao Usui was born to a wealthy Buddhist family on 15th August 1865. He traveled a great deal during his lifetime. He studied healing systems of all types and held different professions finally becoming a Buddhist monk.

Usui had an interest in medicine, psychology, and theology. It was this interest that prompted him to seek a way to heal himself and others using the laying on of hands. It was his desire to find a method of healing that was unattached to any specific religion and religious belief, so that his system would be accessible to everyone.

During his time as a monk, Mikao Usui spent 21 days in meditation. On the morning of the twenty-first day, Usui experienced an event that would change his life forever. He saw ancient Sanskrit symbols that helped him develop the system of healing he had been struggling to invent. Reiki was born.

After his spiritual awakening on Mount Kurama, Usui established a clinic for healing and teaching in Kyoto. As the practice of Usui Reiki was spreading, Usui became known for his healing practice.

Spirituality:               Usui is generous at heart and is willing to help connect you to healing yourself and others, using the Reiki technique and the flow of energy. He has a powerful presence that can instantly see what is needed to help heal.

The Painting:             Feel the light of his hands connecting to yours. The symbols of Reiki hold keys to the light that will connect to your vibration and your energy flow.

See the energy flowing around him as he is focused on what is needed. Connecting with Usui through this portal painting will help those working with Reiki and for those seeking healing he will help guide you on your journey.

Mikao Usui

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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