Lady White Tara

Ray:                   4th Ray

Colours:           White, Violet and Turquoise

Affirmation:   I am the Mother of Enlightenment. The star body of Light.

From:              Tibet

History:          Lady White Tara has many different personalities and is connected to with the different colours of her personality (e.g./ Green Tara).

The Bodhisattva (enlightened one) of compassion and protection shed a tear into a lake and a lotus flower rose to the top of the water. When it opened out stepped White Tara.

Spirituality:       Lady White Tara is temperamental, but she is loving and helpful. Tara brings you insight and helps you in an emergency if you physically or spiritually need help.

Tara means star and she provides navigation for travelers and sailors. She will help you travel smoothly and safely either on your spiritual path or daily life.

Call upon her to bring you longevity and Enlightenment. Her twin flame is Master Serapis Bey, Cohen of the 4th Ray.

The Painting:     This painting of White Tara shows the expansion of her embodiment of Light, that flows from and around her. The Universe and light shining down the mountains of Tibet.

Lady White Tara

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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