Lady Hathor

Ray:                    6th Ray

Colours:            Ruby Red, Gold

Affirmation:     I am physical empowerment of the body.

From:                Atlantis – Egypt

History:            Hathor’s worship spanned across people in both Egypt and Nubia, and she was often associated with royalty.

The Egyptian kings were sometimes depicted as suckling from the goddess, who was seen as the mother of the pharaohs, in both her human and cow forms.

Though Lady Hathor was the goddess of love, motherhood, marriage, birth, joy, music, and dance, she fulfilled other roles as well. She was the protector of women, though men also worshipped her. She was the daughter of Ra and the wife of Horus.

Spirituality:       In her Temple of power in Atlantis, Hathor was known as one of the Priestesses to bring the alignment through of divine Mother consciousness. She would channel through her body and direct it to all to receive.

In Egypt, Lady Hathor entered the Temple of Love and brought through Love into the physical body, and she said, “as much as you love your spiritual body, you must have a relationship, with your physical body in order to create wholeness of unconditional love from source, that created you”.
Feel the strength and power of the alignment of Love in your life today.

The Painting:     Lady Hathor is standing in her power, directing the flame of life from her hands to be embodied into the physical alignment from the Love of Source.

Power and strength in her spiritual and her physical, grounded safe and in alignment.

Place your hands in front of her and you will feel healing from her life force entering you.

Notice the golden Orbs surrounding her are manifestations of thoughts and feelings to create health, happiness, and Love.

Master Confucius

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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