Lady Gaia

Ray:                   11th Ray

Colours:           Blue, Green, Gold and White

Affirmation:    I am Grounding

From:                Earth

History:            Gaia was the first of the immortals. She arose during the chaos period. Greeks refer to this period as the time before gods and goddesses. Christians use the same term to describe the world before God separated heaven and earth.

Throughout history and many cultures, Gaia has been recognized as the diva, mother of Earth.

Spirituality:      Lady Gaia, beloved Mother, Earth, has embodied into our planet from the multi-Universe. Her gifts of nurturing through nature and bringing us the reflective beauty of creation on Earth.

Her message is to anchor our light bodies in her loving presence of nature and nurture, to be grounded and connected to her inner cathedral of light from within the Earth that shines a positive and powerful future to the golden age and beyond.

It is important to work with grounding and connection with her on a daily basis, this will recharge you and rejuvenate you with her Love.

Green Tara is an aspect of Gaia, they merge and work together as a representative of Love and Peace to all.

The Painting:    In the Lady Gaia painting she is shining and showing her true self in her rightful place in the Universe, within the portal of Earth that surrounds her.

Gaia is holding the Earth itself as a precious gift to us.

Above her, the cosmic heart of creation and source. The Sun and the Moon represent the masculine and feminine embodiment to the physical humanity

Master Confucius

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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