Frida Kahlo

Ray:                 3rd Ray

Colours:          Rainbow

Affirmation:  I am Inspiration

From:              The Rose Temple of Love in Atlantis – Mexico

History:          Lady Frida Kahlo, the Twin Flame of Paul Venetian worked in the Rose Temple in Atlantis, working with creation the Rays of colour bringing consciousness to sentient beings, so that they will feel the sensations of the colours through their Heart centre.

In her life in Mexico she had an horrific accident. She worked through her emotions and sensations of her physical, putting it into her art.

Today her image through these sensations are shown to us and we are inspired by her strength, courage and beauty that still sings to our hearts.

Spirituality:       Call upon Lady Frida Kahlo for inspiration and creativity through the arts. She will touch you and encourage you to bring out your true essence. She is supportive and always there with passion to serve.

The Painting:    In the painting, Frida Kahlo is with beautiful butterflies to remember the delicate points of creation.

The rainbow vibration from the heart of the planet inspires us with the rays of colours of mastery. Her rose wand touches the world to remind us of the passion and potential we all have within us.

Frida Kahlo

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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