Archangel Metatron

Ray:                   5th Ray

Colours:            Gold, Orange, White

Affirmation:     I am the initiation of Light.

From:                Atlantis

History:            Enoch achieved Ascended Mastery on Earth, and created a powerful text, the book of Enoch, to hold them in the consciousness. Embodiment of Earth and Humanity.

He achieved this experience and Mother, Father, God was so pleased of his experience as he ascended, he transformed into an Archangel, carrying the knowledge that he had learnt in the Kingdom of Earth.

He now sits in the consciousness of the Heavenly Choir of Light with God, working to obtain the highest order to be achieved and initiated for the physical. Bringing forth the knowledge in consciousness of the Merkaba Star body of light.

Spirituality:       Archangel Metatron is helping our Ascension path to accelerate achievement within the light on every level and hold us in the value system of the truth of source.

He is helping to recode and open the records of remembrance within our cellular memory.

His spiritual retreat is in Luxor, Egypt, where he is creating a golden orange, white flame that is expanding over the world. Ask him to help you to expand your consciousness.

Painting:        Archangel Metatron holds his presence and form to gaze upon you with his hands open streaming light, his heart connected to the Merkaba star which is spinning. Above him is the portal light of the central sun, opening.

The more you gaze upon his painting portal you will feel your radiant light body activated.

Archangel Metatron

An original painting by Glenn Lewis ©
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