Heart Frequency Meditation Course

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Through channeled transmissions & guided Meditations this 6-week course will connect and open your heart to the light for your advancement into 2019 and beyond.
Each week the Ascended & Cosmic Masters will take us through a specific healing process.

A complete 6-week programme of Guided and Channeled Meditations delivered to you weekly over 6 weeks. Listen any time you want and repeat any of the meditations which will be available for up to 1 year.

Your course brings you guided Meditations with…
1st Week – Master Paul Venetian & Lady Freda Kahlo.
Will connect you to the initiation of the Universal year of 3, opening the central point of your heart and linking it to the heart of creation and of our planet. Also opening inspiration for new ideas in the year ahead.
2nd Week – Lady Aroha & Master Tane.
Will connect us in Aotearoa into the Lemurian template of sound that connects you to the emerald temple to be bathed in the frequencies to unite your divine blueprint with the 5th dimension.
3rd Week – Master El Morya & Lady Anna.
Link to the 1st Ray opening communication from our throats to the 5th dimension energy of heart centre, creating flow and dissolving negativity, blockages to allow you to speak in Love too yourself and others with kindness.
4th Week – Master Yogananda & Lady Anandamayi.
Connect to the heart of the Cosmos, bringing into your mind and heart, creating an connection with your DNA to take your rightful place here on Earth within the Universe.
5th Week – Lady Mother Mary & Lady Quan Yin.
Join both hemispheres of the divine feminine of East & West, to connect to the vibration of the 9-dimensional heart and open you to the glorious light of creation.
6th Week – Saint Mother Theresa & Saint John of God.
Dissolving any patterns in your birth alignment from past lifetimes of the Piscean age which have caused suffering, releasing it from your dialogue. Receive their light of the Mahatma Energy of Universal Christ light opening and installing the 5th dimension grid of Mastery.


Heart Frequency 2019
A guided Meditation Course.

Originally held at Ascension Healing in 2019. This 6-week course of guided meditations will connect and open your heart for your spiritual advancement.