Lionsgate 2019

The Ascended Masters were relentless in making me record this important message for everyone. Sometimes they just want to be heard and to help. We are all experiencing challenging times at present, so hopefully this will assist you. The message is in audio format below. If you would like some assistance during this time to […] Read more

Attract what you want

Just received this from Master Moses. (who I am painting at present). To raise your vibration to receive your heart’s desires, repeat these three times each, as many times a day as you can. Everything is always working out for meEverything is always working out for meEverything is always working out for me All my […] Read more

Healing in light of Christchurch

Hi Everyone I have had a few people who are having trouble coping with the pain and trauma of the recent events in Aotearoa. So with Love I share this short meditation to help us all bring in the love from source to help dissolve away the pain that may be held around us and […] Read more

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