Message from Glenn Lewis | Meditation Class Returns | Meet Lady Sarah

Hello Everyone,
Hope you have all been well and enjoying this time through the Lionsgate and the eclipse.

It has been a great time for letting go of the darkness from deep within the soul level, from lifetimes that have been past and letting go of the 3rd dimensional reality that is held over our world.
This has bought is into a re-birth in to the 5th dimensional living. Celebration for life and living.

The heart brain has awoken and is fully conscious of how you are receiving information and sending out information through your thoughts of the heart.
This now helps us connecting and helping to unify ourselves and bring one-ness to the new beginning as it was in Atlantis, with the law of one, that has now come back to conscious living of the 5th dimensional reality.
This has also been a great time to open our talents and gifts of creativity and connect us to the passion of our true existence.

From this the Masters are fully heart centred and here to remind us they give information that will bring us support and knowing to be able to live in this glorious heaven on earth.
Over this time, I have been integrating and reconnecting, going through the wave of life itself for my own being. Drawing out the depths of myself and coming back to a more peaceful reflection in my present life. How lucky I am to have a wonderful partner, Paul, our home and blessed place to be. I have been writing, reading, painting and connecting through Meditation with the beloved Masters.

Meditation Class starts again this week.

The first Master coming to us through our weekly guided Meditations, which start again this week on Wednesday 6th September at 10.30 am and is repeated on Thursday’s at 6.30 pm – is Lady Sarah of the 11th Ray.

Lady Sarah is the daughter of Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene. She holds within her being the greatness of our own existence of divine Father & Mother integrated as one.
She is the twin flame of Master Rakoczi and they both work within the Akashic records. They are the Masters of the knowledge of the Earth Star that has awoken within the 5-Dimensional reality.

They are reminding us of an awakening from lifetimes from the beginning of our existence on this Earth, and bring forth new understanding of what we are needing, so that we have access through out thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Meditation Class will run from now through until early December every Wednesday morning at 10.30 am and Thursday evening at 6.30 pm. I do ask you to register your attendance each week where possible as some days are very full.
You are welcome to attend either day and come every week or just when you can fit it in. Cost is $ 10

I am also open now for bookings for readings and healings with appointments available until mid-December.

Love & blessings to you all, Glenn