Meditation Course @ Ascension Healing

Universal Emergence.

The Diamond Consciousness.

The Phoenix Rising to the authentic Self.

Welcome to the universal year 5.

This course is channeled transmissions from the Ascended Masters.
Visual meditations to Advance your mastery to your extraordinary self on earth.

Course starts:
Wednesday 24th February – 10.30 am
or Thursday 25th February – 6.30 pm

Each week you meet the Ascended Masters and go on a guided Meditation journey of healing.
This course will connect you with…

Week 1 – Master Hilarion & Lady Pallas Athena.
5th Ray Initiation. Receive the universal embodiment of truth revealing the true self in the authentic embodiment of Trust. Remembrance of the fifth dimension, living in the present and beyond.

Week 2 – Commander Ashtar.
13th Ray Initiation. Receive knowledge and meet citizens of your home world, in the 5th dimension. The silver flame supports the emergence of the Self, freedom and greater understanding of your gifts and talents, as we journey to the star temple on Sirius.

Week 3 – Master Mikao Usui.
7th Ray Initiation. Step into the great temple Mount Fuji, the powerful crystals held in this powerful healing. The Reiki symbols coded with expanded consciousness of the universe and earth, anchoring, and unifying with love. Love is your Self.

Week 4 – Master Pythagoras.
11th Ray Initiation The crystalline diamond, in the geometry temple in Greece, of numerology. Learn the sacred codes of numbers from source, supporting your life events in your physical reality.

Week 5 – Lady Amaterasu.
2nd Ray Initiation. Communicate with the emotional body, dissolving heritage emotional responses through your DNA, and uploading the new Universal grid through your nervous system. Create positive reactions and communications with the language of love to self and others.

Week 6 – Lord Gautama Buddha.
10th Ray Initiation Sit with him under the cosmic tree of life. Receive the positive diamond consciousness opening your 3rd eye and crown Chakras to heal. Receive the codes of peace through your whole body through to Earth with Gaia’s Love.

Join Glenn at the Temple each week for this full 6-week guided Meditation course. 

ONLY $ 150