Lord Krishna is currently connecting with us, coming through the vibration and frequency of Venus, stepping down through the mountains near the beginning of the Ganges in India.

Krishna - lr

Lord Krishna

The Love of Lord Krishna, as one of the teachers of the civilization for our world, is opening the path of Love for all humanity to witness your inner and outer beauty and to see this in everything that is created for you in the world.

He is asking you to open yourself up and to let this flow freely and to envelope the dance of life. Be grateful for the food and water you drink and ask for blessings and purification as it enters your body temple and feeds your soul, spirit and higher self.

Lord Krishna is very nurturing, gentle and kind and will help you as you ask for his assistance within your life today.

To connect with Lord Krishna now, light a candle and some incense if you have it sit quietly and place your hands in prayer. Now ask for Lord Krishna and see him stepping in to your life, bringing the cosmic love from the higher dimensions of Venus. Feel the calm and connect to your heart centre and feel him touching your heart centre and emerging his being into your heart centre. Feel him flowing through your body linking your entire DNA to the inner beauty of yourself. Breathe in and out as this is happening feeling the peace. Then feel Lord Krishna stepping out of your body, at which point he bathes you in cosmic light, leaving you feeling refreshed so you may see and feel the beauty of yourself. He then places a cloak of multi coloured light over you to connect you to the growth of civilisation. Thank Lord Krishna.

Channelling and Painting by Glenn Lewis (C) 2015