As the planet is now lifting a lot of darkness off the land it is causing great turbulence for us on the planet. It is creating an energy that is lifting all those heavy dross life paths and also the ancestral attachments that have come through from the earth plane walking in a physical form.

It is important for you at this stage to be aware that it can cause mind and physical disturbance and depression. Making you feel worthless, unable to be motivated and to act upon your own self power. Now more than ever you need to connect with source.

Lord Maha Chohan w

Lord Maha Chohan

It is important for you at this stage to connect with the divine source light from our creator asking it to come through your being to remove obstacles of energy, any darkness or heaviness that has attached. Recognize that it is a time of great healing that is needed. If you need healing search out those who can help to remove the blocks.
The world is changing its vibration with the heavy veil lifting from the planet, but as it lifts it comes from the body, through the human consciousness and up to the higher levels. This can cause disturbance.

Stay focused on your direction of life and understand the life force that flows through you is from our creator.
This dross is Karmic, from ancestors and past lives. Releasing this is important, simply sit quietly in meditation and ask for the true source light to flow through your body and ask the heaviness and dross to be washed away.

At the moment it is locking many of us down causing us to find it difficult to move forward.
It will get lighter towards the end of the year and finish its completion on 2nd January 2015.

Take care of yourself, have plenty of rest and relaxation and remain focused, understanding and compassionate. It is all part of the evolution and movement towards the great enlightenment.
Divine Love & Light
Lord Maha Choha