Blessed light from our creator, this is a time loved ones, to fill your hearts with Love. Blessings from Mother Mary, I send divine love into every thought, action, your feelings and emotions. Fill your being from the 3rd Ray, flowing through you and out of your heart, into your families, friends and relationships.

Remember this is a time of reflection and integration, breath in love, and breath out peace into the world. This will help you to relax through this special time.
Send Love and thoughts to those in other countries who are feeling suffering or loss. And become grateful and thankful for where you are at and that you are able to do this for those who are in suffering and pain.

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Mother Mary

A new year will dawn for 2015, with greater awareness towards divine service for humanity. All light workers, this is your time that you have been waiting for, to work more fully with the love receiving from the Angels, Masters, ancestors and Devic Kingdom.

Your guides are now in place and will be rewarded with the giving and receiving of Love flowing from you to others.
The Angels are bringing in blessings to you and your family. Make sure to spend time in prayer or meditation, receiving the blessings fully.
Love is your purpose and is for fulfillment to help those in suffering to be at peace.

I am Mother Mary with you now.
With Love, blessings, hallelujah, amen

Channeling by Glenn Lewis (C) December 2014