I have been attending Glenn’s Wednesday meditation group for over a year now. The guided meditations that Glenn takes are such a tangible experience with the masters and truly profound. I have received much healing during these along with such a depth of understanding, connection and purpose. Sara
I  am always amazed at Glenn’s connection, clarity and accuracy when giving me a reading. His connection to spirit has amazed me as he has given me information that no one would know. I can completely recommend Glenn for a connection with spirit. Wendy
The energy Glenn holds and brings through from other realms is immense, powerful and felt deeply by those in his presence as he brings through clear and meaningful information as well as personal messages. I have personally found his guidance immeasurable. The personal reading I had with Glen gave me reassurance of where I was heading and blessed me with the presence of the Masters as well as initiation, energy shifts and expansion. In fact I find it challenging to put into words. Thank you from the depths of my expanded heart.. Sharron Martin
Thank you from the depths of my being for my healing on Tuesday. You are a wonderful Gift, Blessing and Light to our world. Much love and blessings. Denise
It was quite the most profound healing I have ever had and I am very excited about the journey ahead. Karina
I just wanted to say thank you so so much. You have helped me awaken to life, at 43! I had felt so stuck in a place…finally everything seems to make sense, and I feel free. I was so moved at your meditation class, I could hardly speak. Your class also gave me an eye-opener to the oneness of people and the need for space and healing in all our lives. I feel quite liberated… and so much more positive about life. Ali
The prevailing vibration of love, beauty and acceptance that permeates in Glenn’s studio brings one to tears. Glenn is a true heart healer, extraordinary channel and artist that articulates all with such compassion and clarity. Thank you, Sara
Your meditations are amazing and thank you for changing my life with your spiritual reading. Love Tania. Tania
Thank you, Glenn, for your gifts. Our lives have been forever changed through the shifts that you facilitate, and I have learned so much from you! Caroline

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